Timely and convenient pickup schedules from homes.

All types of commercial waste from office to warehouses.

We handle ALL hospital & chemical hazardous waste

All types of non-hazardous industrial & construction waste


Get organic Manure for gardening and Farming

We handle everything for you!

We at Zoa Taka Ltd are proud to offer carefully designed waste management solutions crafted to suit our client’s preferences while prioritizing sustainability.



Delivering solutions for your waste management.


In Waste Management

We gather the best talent, creating the best specialist team.


Daily Waste Volumes

Best equipped for any volume of waste hassle-free.


Facilities Management

We manage all your waste solutions and offer maintenance services

Waste Bins and Equipment

Purchase from us high-quality and NEMA-approved waste-handling items

Exhaustion Services

Septic tank exhaustion, cleaning, and maintenance services

Other Services

We collect & compost organic/garden/landscaping waste.

We undertake ESIA, EA, and SEA with NEMA-accredited experts.

We offer e-waste handling services too

Zoa Taka Ltd offers comprehensive waste management solutions to clients.

Since 1995!

Zoa Taka Ltd, established in 1995, is a Kenyan waste management company based in Nairobi and other major towns across the country.


The ultimate creators of value from WASTE

Our Mission

To provide Sustainable Waste Management Services

Our Passion

We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable & affordable waste Management systems.


Zoa Taka Ltd is playing its part in ensuring a healthy environment through innovative waste management services.


We are driven to excel
We think big
We probe deep
We search wide

– Zoa Taka Team